Veterinary Advances is the foremost provider of veterinary Apps. Our extensive range includes Apps for veterinary surgeons, professional studs and horse trainers, and animal owners.


Rapid horse identification from its microchip. Generates complete and accurate records of horse movement and allows secure sharing of notes on animals between authorized users on your premises.

Equine Drugs

Used by over 5000 vets worldwide, ‘Equine drugs’ is the most complete veterinary formulary available for use in the horse.

Equine Techniques

This App has been developed by Dr Kevin Corley DACVIM DACVECC, co-editor of ‘The Equine Hospital Manual’ which is used in veterinary hospitals throughout the world. It provides an essential resource for practitioners, students, residents and specialists alike.

Equine Lab

A unique resource for practitioners and specialists alike this App  gives normal values  for 230 different lab tests in 10 different signalments of horses.

Equine Joint Injections

Equine Joints describes the approach by both synoviocentesis and arthroscopy to clinically important joints/sheaths/bursae in the horse.

Equine Reproductive Ultrasound

Equine Reproductive Ultrasound is an illustrated guide to assessment of the reproductive tract of the mare. 

Advanced Equine Reproductive Ultrasound

Advanced Equine Reproductive Ultrasound is an illustrated guide to advanced techniques of the reproductive tract of the mare. Fetal sexing is covered in great detail.

Equine Radiography

Equine Radiography is an App aimed to help you take first class diagnostic X-rays of the horse. The App gives details on preparation, positioning and an exposure guide for taking of X-rays. Each view is illustrated by an example X-ray from a normal horse.

Equine Dermatology

Equine Dermatology is an essential reference tool for equine veterinarians and students alike. The App contains 166 first class, labeled examples of equine skin disease.

Feline Ophthalmology

Feline ophthalmology is a complete guide to the diagnosis and treatment of eye disease in the cat suitable for small animal veterinarians and students alike.