APPS: Equine Techniques


Techniques are illustrated by clear pictures.

This App has been developed by Dr Kevin Corley DACVIM DACVECC, co-editor of ‘The Equine Hospital Manual’ which is used in veterinary hospitals throughout the world. It provides an essential resource for practitioners, students, residents and specialists alike. The App provides step-by-step instructions for 54 clinical techniques with 269 photographs and 37 ‘how to’ videos. For each, there is an equipment list, full instructions on how to perform the technique illustrated by photos, diagrams or videos.

  • 54 techniques
  • 269 photos
  • 37 movies
  • Full description
  • Equipment list

The techniques range from simple procedures such as over-the–wire catheter placement and regional limb perfusion, to more advanced techniques such as liver biopsy and cardiac output measurement by lithium dilution. Essential emergency techniques such as foal CPR, evacuation of pneumothorax, tracheotomy and administration of blood transfusions are also included.

Full written description of each technique.

Full written description of each technique.

Videos are used to illustrate many techniques.

A quiz allows you to test your knowledge of the illustrated techniques.

There is a full equipment list to help you prepare for each technique.

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"Leading edge of important new teaching tool."
Professor Robert J. MacKay, Professor of Large Animal Medicine, University of Florida