Welcome to Veterinary Advances, the leading developer of Apps for Veterinarians and the Equine Industry. We are the developers of EquiTrace, the App for horse farms.

Veterinary Advances provides specialist information, education, consultancy and clinical services in veterinary medicine. Our goal is to improve animal health care by facilitating instant access to first class veterinary information globally.

We offer the following main services:

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Veterinary Advances is the foremost provider of veterinary Apps. Our extensive range includes Apps for veterinary surgeons, professional studs and horse trainers, and animal owners.


Microchip Scanners

The Veterinary Advances microchip scanner is designed to work with our App, EquiTrace. The scanner securely transmits the horse’s microchip number to the App via Bluetooth. There is also a screen on the scanner which displays the microchip number, and does not require the App to work.



Veterinary Advances has extensive experience of providing advice to veterinarians, acting as an expert witness and providing support to the pharmaceutical industry.



Veterinary Advances provides its own continuing professional development and we also contribute to international meetings and continuing professional development worldwide.