APPS: Equine Drugs


Accurate dose information for a wide range of drugs.

Used by over 5000 vets worldwide, ‘Equine drugs’ is the most complete veterinary formulary available for use in the horse. The App is fully referenced, offering high quality information on over 700 separate dose regimens. The App covers all standard drug protocols as well as specialist drugs used in ophthalmic, cardiac, pediatric, hormonal, epidural, antiviral and intra-articular medicine. The formulary is kept completely up to date, and is updated at least every 3 months.

  • Over 700 dose regimens
  • Over 445 different drugs
  • Handy calculator
  • Notes on competition
  • Notes on pregnancy
  • For adult horses
  • For foals

Unlike traditional formularies the App has an automatic dose calculator to help ensure accurate, effective dosing as well as to aid complex continuous infusion calculations. The App is also regularly updated ensuring that you are always up to date.  This is an essential tool for anyone in equine practice.

Calculates the amount to give the horse.

Calculates the amount to give the horse.

Detailed notes on use in competition horses.

Notes on safety in pregnant mares.

Search by trade name or generic name to find a drug.

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"Extremely useful app that includes plenty of extra as well as all of up to date information required. When combined with Equine Lab and Equine Techniques, they make every-day work much faster and easier."
Nenad Zilic, Director at the Barn Equine Surgery.

"This is the most useful (and used) app on my phone."
Claire Hawkes, Equine Surgeon at Sycamore Lodge Equine Hospital