APPS: Feline Ophthalmology


318 first class photos.

Feline ophthalmology is a complete guide to the diagnosis and treatment of eye disease in the cat suitable for small animal veterinarians and students alike.

Authored by Natasha Mitchell MVB DVOphthal MRCVS ( this App is more than an atlas of eye disease. A complete guide to examination of the feline eye is included in the App. The blind eye, cloudy eye and red eye are also discussed with tips on making a diagnosis in these difficult cases. The App also contains over 190 first class labelled examples of feline eye disease.

Extensive notes on each condition are also included covering;

  • Overview of each disease
  • 190 photographs
  • Extensive text
  • Clinical signs
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment

All of the pictures are on the phone or iPad and no internet connection is required after the first use.

Very extensive notes on examination and disease conditions.

Very extensive notes on examination and disease conditions.

A quiz allow you to test your knowledge of feline ophthalmology.

Very broad coverage of feline ophthalmology.

Detailed descriptions and photos of feline ophthalmic surgery.

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"This feline ophthalmology app is superb!  It lists nearly 20 eye parts (e.g. eyelid, fundus) and complaints (e.g. cloudy eye, red eye) and for each has sections on overview, diagnosis, treatment and photos.  All of these sections are nicely succinct to allow the necessary information can be gained rapidly by the reader and the photos section is fantastic; beautiful clear photos to illustrate each topic.  There is also a valuable section on clinical examination.  This app would be useful to any practitioner seeing feline ophthalmology cases who wants a quickly accessible overview of common problems; it could easily be used whilst you are dealing with a case. Hopefully more apps of this type will follow."
Dr Séverine Tasker BSc BVSc(Hons) PhD DSAM DipECVIM-CA PGCertHE MRCVS

"I recently spent a short time using the Feline Ophthalmology App on a friend’s iPad 2. I was impressed by the simplicity of the layout and the brilliant colour photos. You just tap on the sections you want to look at and in the blink of an eye you’re there. Contrast this with a clumsy textbook or tethered personal computer, and you can immediately see the potential for the app to shine in the consult room, either as a quick reference guide or for client education. The Feline Ophthalmology App, and others like it, deserves to find its way to every veterinary surgeon’s i-device, and I hope soon, to other mobile platforms."
Gideon Schmidt, Veterinary Surgeon and Director at Companion Care