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After scanning the microchip, the App displays the horses name and any notes that have been made

Rapid horse identification from its microchip. Generates complete and accurate records of horse movement and allows secure sharing of notes on animals between authorized users on your premises. Combining your phone with a hand-held microchip scanner this App allows rapid identification of any horse and taking and sharing of notes (for example on its health status/medication, owner, veterinary surgeon etc). Allows you to keep complete up-to the minute records of all horses coming to and from your premises. Can also assist in tracking the movement of horses during transportation. 

Ensure all staff can correctly identify every horse, every time. Keep complete notes on each horse, easily accessed by all staff. Health observations, veterinary visits, farrier visits and administration of medication can all be easily recorded as notes. By scanning the horse before giving medication, staff can cross check that they are giving the right drug to the right horse. They can then instantly record a note, facilitating compliance with regulations. The exact location of each horse when last scanned can be accessed and mapped by authorized users at any time. 

Look out for version 2.0, coming in late July - with lots of new features

  • Horses are identified by their microchip.

  • Every time the microchip of a horse is scanned, the time, location and person scanning the horse is recorded.

  • Notes on the horse can be accessed and updated quickly at the side of the horse.

  • One person controls all the data, and can add and remove other users.

  • All notes and location data is held securely and encrypted – and is only accessible by authorized users.

  • Horses can be marked as having left the property (and returned to the property) to comply with movement legislation in some jurisdictions.

  • Horses on the farm are searchable from the App, without having to scan them first.

  • The information on identity of the horses on a farm and their microchip numbers can be uploaded from a spreadsheet and the information from horses can also be added the first time a horse is scanned.

  • For multi-user use, one person on the farm needs to set-up a subscription. This person controls the data on that farm. All other users on the farm are free.

  • The microchip number is sent as encrypted data by the scanner to the App for extra security.

  • Notifies you if an unauthorized person scans one of your horses using the App.

The App requires special microchip scanners to work. These are available from our store.

The ‘Find Horse’ function is used to search for horses by name, stallion, dam, sex, year of birth or colour

The ‘Find Horse’ function is used to search for horses by name, stallion, dam, sex, year of birth or colour

The location of any scan can be seen on a map

One user controls who has access to the farm data

The App is used together with a scanner to read horses’ microchips

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EquiTrace FAQs

1) Does the App work on both iPhones and Android phones?
Yes - notes and scans can be shared between iPhones and Android phones if they are all authorised for the same farm.

2) Does the App work without an internet connection?
Yes - data is stored locally on the phone to allow the App to work without an internet connection. If the horse has been scanned by that phone before, the name of the horse will be shown. The time and location of the scan, and any notes added will be sent to the database when an internet connection is restored.

3) What is the subscription for?
To share data between different members on the same farm, one person needs to take out a subscription via iTunes. The cost of this is €10 per month, with the first three months free. The person who takes out this subscription has control over who has access to the farm’s data. They will be asked to approve new users, and can remove users at any time.

4) Does the App work without a subscription?
Yes – you can use the App on your phone without a subscription. However, data will only be recorded on your own phone and will not be available to any other users on your farm.

5) Does the App work with any microchip scanner?
No – the App will only work with the dedicated Veterinary Advances scanner. The scanner has been optimised to work with the App and encrypts the microchip number before sending it to the App.

6) Is the data secure?
Yes - the data is held in three different databases. One contains the identity of the horse. Once a horse is entered in this database, it is available to all users. The second database contains all the scans and notes from each farm. This data is encrypted on the phone before it is sent to the database, and even I cannot access it. The last database contains usernames and passwords - this is again encrypted and secure.

7) How do I upload data?
On the iPhone there are two ways, via DropBox or via iCloud. On Android phones, data can be uploaded via DropBox. The horses data is entered into a spreadsheet (Excel or Open Office) and saved as a .csv (comma separated values) file. This can be uploaded into the App.
Alternatively, if you scan the microchip of a horse that is not in the database, you can provide details of the horse there and then - the database will then contain these details.

Download Sample Horse Data Spreadsheet.

8) How does the App help maintain movement records?
As well as recording the location of the horse every time it is scanned, there are a couple of other features to help keep track of horses and comply with regulations. You can mark a horse as having left the property, to comply with movement regulations. If you then scan that horse again, you will be asked if you want to mark it as back at the property. Also, if a horse is scanned at another property and has not been marked as having left your property, you will receive an alert (this won’t tell you where it has been scanned, due to privacy laws, just that it has been scanned)