APPS: Equine Joint Injections


Detailed illustrations of the relevant anatomy.

Equine Joints describes the approach by both synoviocentesis and arthroscopy to clinically important joints/sheaths/bursae in the horse.

  • Extensive notes including multiple alternate approaches for each structure.
  • Photographs and line drawings of relevant anatomy.
  • Information on safety, technique and skin preparation.
  • Easy to access equipment lists including information on needle choice and quantity of local anaesthetic to use for regional analgesia.
  • Quick reference for arthroscopic positioning and approaches.

The App comprehensively covers the approaches to clinically important synovial structures including joints, tendon sheaths and bursae in the horse. Standard and alternative approaches for synoviocentesis are covered.  For surgeons, nurses, interns and students a handy quick reference to the approach and positioning for endoscopy or arthroscopy of each synovial structure is also given. Clinical notes on anatomy, technique and possible complications are given for each structure accompanied by extensive line drawings and photographs. This is an essential resource for practitioners, students, residents and specialists alike.

Extensive notes on how to approach the joint.

Extensive notes on how to approach the joint.

Photos to identify the needle entry point.

A quiz allow you to test your knowledge of topics covered in the App.

Handy equipment list to make sure you have everything ready.

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