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Normal values for 230 different laboratory tests.

A unique resource for practitioners and specialists alike this App  gives normal values  for 230 different lab tests in 10 different signalments of horses.

  • The most complete list of ‘normal values’ available for the horse.
  • Age specific data. Values for adult horses, horses in training, foals and more.
  • 230 lab tests. All tests come with notes on how to clinically interpret values outside the normal range.
  • Includes values for synovial fluid, urine analysis, CSF, blood gas analysis as well as extensive hematology and biochemistry tests.
  • Automatic conversion for international units.
  • Developed by an internationally recognized specialist in Equine Medicine.

The App comprehensively covers the interpretation of standard clinical haematology and biochemistry tests, as well as more unusual tests. Analysis of serum protein electrophoresis, minerals, vitamins, hormones, bood gas analysis, coagulation, peritoneal fluid, plural fluid, transtracheal fluid, BAL, CSF, pleural fluid, urine and synovial fluid are all thoroughly covered.  Clinical notes on interpretation of ‘high’ or ‘low’ values are given for every test.

The App comes with an onboard conversion calculator, allowing you to convert data given in unfamiliar units back into the units you use yourself. The App can also be customized to allow you to adjust ranges to the normal values for your own lab.

Normal values for 10 different signalments.

Normal values for 10 different signalments.

Choose the units used in your country or laboratory at start up.

Completely customisable.

Handy unit conversion to interpret results from other laboratories and other countries.

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